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Market Data EDM

Designed from the ground up for the investment industry, Spoon Data Services' EDM is a data management platform that can be run in our private cloud, or be installed on your own infrastructure with all of the operational support provided by us.

We support all of the best known market data vendors and index publishers, covering Security Master Data, Pricing, Ratings and Sectors, Credit Risk Data, Regulatory Data, FX and Interest Rates, Indexes/Constituents and Benchmarks.

We can also integrate your own proprietary data sources or internal data, ensuring data integrity and security from end-to-end.



  •   Data Governance
  •   Cost Transparency
  •   Data Quality Management
  •   Customised Data Distribution
  •   Operational Excellence

All your data…

Accounts, formats, licenses, changes.
Data drives business. But why can't it be easier to find and use? Files, feeds, csv, xml, databases and downloads. All in different places in different formats. This data is licenced, that is only accessible with an account. And why do they keep changing things?

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…in one place.

One interface, one account, one format.
Thankfully, it is possible to maintain all of this and keep control of costs and legal obligations, without the hassle of managing it all in-house. You can have all of that data through a single interface. And changes? You decide what, and when. We provide that hard-to-get data, no matter what.

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Spoon Data Services

Data aggregation for professionals.
We work closely with some of the biggest names in global finance, asset management and insurance as well as industry and retail companies, on projects of all sizes.
We guarantee transparant pricing and fair contracts. Get in touch now with your needs and see how we can help.

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